Your space of authenticity, surf and transformation


Welcome to your new type of life experience.

This is not just another retreat, where you go to escape your current routine.

This might become your everyday reality.


DarSurf, Tagazout, Marroc


24.02. – 02.03.2024


Because You Deserve It


-beginner level surfing lessons and practice

– women / men circles 

– conscious movement & dancing

– guided spaces for self-reflection and sharing

– exploring your unique voice and making music together

– yoga, breathing, meditation 

– Integration Game

– intercultural exploration & Moroccan traditional food

– sand dune surfing and full moon BBQ

This  is for you if:

– you want to travel and experience something new
– you’re excited about surf, music, dance, healthy eating and celebrating life

– you’d love to have a fabulous time with likeminded & likehearted people

– you feel the need to reset your direction in life, your vision and your relationships

– you dream of allowing your creativity unfold through rhythm, voice and movement

– you wish to rekindle your relationship with yourself and / or with a loved one

– you would love to experience a space of safe vulnerable authenticity

– you want to navigate your emotions and thoughts with more ease

– you love connecting with the moon, ocean and desert
– you crave quality time for & with yourself

If you’ve reached here, please continue reading. 

The space we are preparing for you is one we’ll be co-creating with you personally, with the energy of the group and with nature´s laws.
This means that you are not going to find an agenda.
Instead, you are going to know all the ingredients available, and with your unique presence as the main guide, we will navigate these 8 days together. 

Here´s what you can expect as outdoor activities: 

  • 3 days of surfing under the guidance of sexy instructors (includes all the necessary equipment)
  • Sand Dune Surfing
  • Campfire and Dinner in the desert, under the Full Moon (with possibility of belly dancing)
  • Local market excursion in Agadir
  • Yoga, meditation & breathing exercises (enveloped in the sea breeze)
  • Moroccan tea

Indoor activities: 

  • Conscious movement
  • Self reflection and group sharing spaces
  • Women circle/ men circle/ mixed circle
  • Integration Game sessions
  • Music, singing and dancing
  • Laughing sessions 😀 
  • 🫖 More Moroccan tea


  • Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner made of delicious vegetarian food
  • Yummy conversations for the soul
  • 1 dinner at a local restaurant, included in the price of the retreat
  • 1 dinner at a local restaurant, not included in the price of the retreat (individual orders &  payment)
  • Heaps of delicious Moroccan tea


  • Double rooms with either private or shared bathroom, at this beautiful location:
  • You guessed it – Morrocan tea on us 😉 

The generous 8 days will also give you enough time to just be, as well as explore local markets and sites at your own convenience. 

What is NOT included:

  • Your flight tickets
  • Pick-up and drop off at the airport (can be organized – costs: 30 euro per transfer up to 4 people)
  • Travel Insurance
  • One dinner at a local restaurant
  • the Moroccan tea you’ll be taking home

Who are we?

Amalia Ghiban – Conscious Sexuality Counselor, Holistic Coach

I am passionate about Human Development and connection with the Divine.

After a few attempts at working with people in the corporate environment, I opened the way to truly being of service to others through my own gifts. 10 years ago, coaching became my first tool of self-awareness and 1-on-1 work, followed by the art of hosting, women circles and retreats. I then discovered corporeality, the elements, and the sacredness of the body. Conscious and Divine Sexuality is now a philosophy of life, a practice and a way of serving others, to which I dedicated myself 8 years ago. Through it, I continue the journey of knowing myself better and bringing my gifts to the world.

Iunia Pașca – women’s circles mentor, She is Dance facilitator

I first came in contact with women circles in Peru, 11 years ago. Since then, my life’s journey has taken me to ~60 countries in different parts of the globe, but especially in different parts of my own self, where I discovered a woman. And another one. And yet another. I integrated facet after facet, and in the process I always sat in circle with other women, learning from them, being held in their center to discover my own. They have been the most transformative spaces I have been part of, and I believe in the massive power of transformation possible when we come together in sovereignty.

Sabin Mureșan – transformation catalyst & musician

I am guided by the vision of a world in which whole and sovereign people live in harmonious communities.

I especially support leaders, therapists and coaches to navigate their own transformation with greater ease. I am a HeartMath Institute certified trainer for resilience and Heart-Mind coherence programs.

I often find myself facilitating men’s circles and activities for achieving masculine – feminine harmony. I am passionate about music and climbing, and love free movement in nature.

Uwe Pop – entrepreneur, passionate about sports, personal development and positive thinking.

I have been living in southern Germany for many years, developing climbing and surfing communities in Germany and Morocco. Meditation and yoga help me maintain a state of balance in my body and mind, which makes me more mindful in my relationship with myself and others. Attracted by beautiful meeting spaces and genuine people, I look forward to hosting you for a few intensive and productive days by the ocean!

We are beyond excited to meet you in a space of sovereignty, wholeness and pure celebration of the perfect being that you are!

Beyond all the learning & growing, it’s going to be heaps and heaps of fun!

See you by the sea!

Amalia, Iunia, Sabin & Uwe


Via transilvanica 2024

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