Dear Iunia, Amalia, Uwe and Sabin,

Thank you for this retreat beyond retreats! I came to Morocco with fears for being a woman in an arab, muslim country and for knowing just one other person from a group of 20. I am now leaving with a place in my heart for the new friends I’ve made. During the 6 days, we’ve shared the the challenges and the joys of surfing – both the inner and the ocean waves. Many heartwarming memories to be grateful for: the day in the desert with the fun of sandsurfing, the dinner under the full moon and the peace of chanting around the fire; the trekking in Paradise Valley, the yoga, the music, the sunsets, the laughter, the poems, the stories and the delicious home-made Morrocan food that we shared. Darsurf hostel in Taghazout quickly became a space for feeling at home with good friends. Thank you for hosting such an uplifting event!

Until next time, Raluca.

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